Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have been admiring hand painted signs on blogs and Pinterest.  A little spring weather during my Christmas vacation from school offered me a great opportunity to try making one.  I started with a piece of plywood left over from another project.  I painted it yellow and let it dry overnight.

Next, I made stencils for a word I wanted to use in my backyard.  I used the My Own Topher font from Kevin and Amanda's free scrapbook fonts.  You can download it here my-own-topher.  I made my stencils by typing one letter at a time on a word document and using 330 font size.  (I typed 330 in where I usually scroll down to a number.)  I printed the letters on cardstock and then cut them out (leaving small extra pieces where necessary).

Next came the brown craft paint.

Then a little touch up where the stencil had caused gaps:

The last step was sanding.  Here it is out in my backyard waiting to be hung up.  Now to talk my husband into drilling screws for me on the brick wall :).


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  1. How cute! Hope to see you at some of my parties. You will love the magazine copy challenge one, it is fun and very simple. You can even do a recipe from a magazine!


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