Tuesday, December 6, 2011

starts and finishes

I love our home.  We have lived here for three years.  We chose the lot and the floor plan.  We picked all the tile, paint colors, cabinet finishes, and counters.  The plan was to stay for a very long time.  Now the plan may be changing.  My husband's career will probably mean selling this home and moving to another city soon.
When we first moved in, I was anxious to decorate.  I loved finding things that looked "just right."  I am a bargain hunter, so finding affordable things was and is a priority.  After a while, decorating took a back seat to life.  Clutter started to accumulate.
Now that I may not have as long as I expected in this house, I am anxious to "finish" it. My first finishing touch involved the empty art niche at the top of the stairs.  I never knew exactly what to put there.  I recently found this arrangement at Paul Michael Home.  I couldn't be happier with it.  The niche is near our casual game room, so a formal flower arrangement would have looked out of place.  The size and colors of this are just what I wanted.
And I never need to water it.

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