Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Which rug should I choose?

Please help me to decide...

I have been using a too big rug in my entry way since we moved into this house.  It was perfect in the last house...  Suddenly it is really bothering me.

But I am confused about how to replace it.  I only need a rug about 5-6 feet by 3-4 feet.  The good news is that the smaller size is much more affordable.  I am also looking forward to seeing more of the tile.
I am so tempted by all the new designs I see on blogs.  But, I need to remember that my house is not "contemporary".  The best word to describe it would probably be Tuscan (tile, wrought iron, dark neutral paint).  You can see my dining room from the entry way, and it is probably best described as country french.

I have been looking at rugs at Home Decorators
Please help me decide which rug would look best:

(1)  Something more trendy

Martha Stewart Living™ Grand Damask Area Rug

I can't even decide which of these two colors I like better...

(2) Or something more traditional:

Hampton Area Rug

(3) Any other suggestions welcome :).

Please comment...I really need some opinions on this (and I know you have one!).




  1. What a beautiful space! I love the tile and your detailed banisters are gorgeous! OK, only because you asked ... instead of having a rug right as you walk in, would you consider not putting one there, but, instead adding a pretty runner down your hallway? And, thank you so much for your kind note about my Valentine tree ... so glad you grabbed some of those cute hearts at Target, too! *Becca*

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  3. I never thought about that. I will look into runners. Thanks!

  4. I love Becca's idea, although I think you could do both. A small entry rug right off the door with a coordinating runner would look great! I love the MSL Damask in the yellow. I think that would bring in a pop of color. Beautiful entry way! Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Of the ones you posted, I like the 1st one best. I also think that something darker might look nice (maybe one that matches the little dark accents in your floor tile?)


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