Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday fun

I am finally feeling much better after a week of fighting a bug I caught in my classroom. I checked out my blog list this morning and guess what!!! I won a Thirty-one bag at Thrifty Decor Mom. What a nice surprise! After doing lots of mundane things like yard work and house work, I decided to take my camera out to some model homes to collect decorating ideas. Here are some things I liked that I hope to incorporate into my home:
It would be fun to turn our downstairs closet into a wine cellar.
Two small dressers placed together like one. I think this would be great in my teenage daughter's room and that way she could always separate them in another room (or even use them as night stands).
Bells hanging in frames. How often have I seen bells that I wanted but been afraid they would make too much racket if I hung them outside?
Check out the dog fabric on these pillows :).
I would like to find or make three wall hangings similar to these to go on the very blank wall by our staircase.
Lots of pretty ideas for my bedroom...
Adored this girl's bedroom. Not really anything I can use, but thought I'd share.
I haven't even shown you any of the beautiful kitchens or dining rooms... stay tuned.

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