Sunday, January 15, 2012

warming up the front door

In a previous post, I wondered what I should replace my too-big entry hall rug with.  I found this hooked one at Home Goods this weekend. 

 It is completely different than what I started out looking for, but I think it works.  After putting it on the floor I saw a comment from My Mellar suggesting picking up the dark color that is in the tile insets.  I agree. 



And while I was browsing at Home Goods, I found two of these wrought iron chairs.  My front step area is a fairly large, but not a front porch.  I have always wished I could give it more of a front porch (sit down and watch the world go by) feel.  I put one of these chairs on each side of the front door.  Now I am looking forward to adding some seasonal decorations and more plants.  These chairs also fold, which made it much easier to bring them home in my car and helped me to make my impulsive decision.



  1. those are great finds! I adooooore Home Sense (it's the Canadian equivalent of Home Goods). I adore those chairs on your deck, and the carpet is the perfect scale for your entry.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Andrea!

  3. Beautiful. I love LOVE your front door!

    I'm so glad you stopped by SweetLittleBluebird!
    Looking forward to following you this year!

    Best wishes ~ Mary

  4. Love the splash of color in your rug. I think you made a great choice!


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