Tuesday, April 17, 2012

to paint or not to paint

I found an adorable chair at my local Goodwill Store today. I was looking for another piece of furniture to paint with chalk paint.  At $12.99, I had no trouble deciding whether to take it home... Now that it is home, I am not sure that I should paint it.  The chair is in great shape.  The seat has definitely been sat on many times.  The spindles could be steadier.  I wonder if a little liquid wood carefully applied at the base of the spindles would help.  Please help me decide...should I go for the painted look OR just apply some wax and enjoy "as is?"


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  1. I'd do whatever works best in your home. I don't change the original finish of anything pre-Victorian but anything else is game. Pretty chair and a great buy! ~ Maureen


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