Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Peek into Our New Home

I love our home and don't want to move.  However, we have just closed on a house that is so beautiful that I am coming around a bit.

I took a few pictures the day we closed, but it will be another few days until the previous owners have completely moved out.  Here are some of the things wonderful things that I am looking forward to:

Hardwood Floors
Even on the stairs!

Beautiful cabinets with loads of storage and room for display

Black and white tile floors in the Jack and Jill upstairs bathroom

Some amazing ceilings

Can you see why I am getting excited?!

Many of the walls are painted in strong colors that just aren't me.  The first thing I will tackle will some neutral painting.  Stay tuned for updates.




  1. love the black and white tile! Think of the fun ahead decorating your new home!

  2. I get to bring what I can fit in my car when I go to the new house for a few hours this weekend. I feel a little like a game show contestant...What three things would you bring to a deserted island?...


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