Monday, July 8, 2013

New Resin "Wicker" Chairs

Some days are just better than others.  Today is off to a good start.  I was picking up a few household items at Target this morning, when a lady whose shopping cart was filled so high that she couldn't see over it, almost ran into me.  She happily told me that she had picked up all these things because there was a 70% off clearance in the garden section.  So, of course I checked it out for myself.  I found these all weather resin chairs for $37 each.  They were originally $124 each.  The waterproof seat cushions were included. 
Getting them home was no small project.  I didn't think I could get them into my 4-door car, so I was waiting outside Target for my daughter to come with her SUV.  Before she could get there, a very helpful customer saw my predicament and came to help me.  We got them in somehow and now they are happily sitting in my yard.  (They will actually be on the patio by the house, but I thought the picture was much nicer in a corner of our backyard.)

So....if you are looking for any patio furniture...HURRY to Target!



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