Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boxes and more boxes

What a week! The moving truck pulled up at our new home six days ago. Since then, each day has been filled with hours of unpacking the endless boxes, and a little eating, sleeping, and praying.

Now I understand why some friends had suggested doing some of my own packing instead of letting professional movers do it all.  There seem to be unwritten rules of packers, such as:
Put all the mattress pads in the bottom of big boxes full of junk; put one Christmas decor item in every box; never pack a lamp and shade together; squeeze all dried flower arrangements into a box with lots of paper so they will be flattened; and write the same words on every kitchen box.  I am proud to say I did cook a real dinner for the first time in our new home tonight and I did find everything that I needed to do it.

We have had no cable TV or Internet yet!  I have hijacked my husband's iPad tonight (hence this post) but I can't wait until I can upload photos of our progress. Hopefully we will be online tomorrow and I can't wait to share photos.




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  1. I really feel for you as you wade through a sea of boxes! Hang in there.


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