Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A visit to McKinney

Today we visited the historical downtown of McKinney, Texas.  It was the first of (hopefully) many trips for me.  There were many antique and decor type shops in a town square arrangement.

One wonderful stop was to Plum Creek Primatives.  My love of Fairy Gardens has been awoken after a long hot summer.  I picked up a few cute things for my own neglected fairies.  (Luckily I was able to bring them with me when we moved, but I am afraid they have been on a very back burner lately....)  So, while I am taming the overgrowth in my own fairy garden, I am happy to share these photos of the inspiration I saw today:

 In birdbaths...

 In a miniature green house....

Pretty much everything a fairy could dream of....

Is it like a candy store for fairy garden lovers or what ?!

And we had a delicious lunch of sandwiches and salads at Snug on the Square.    How cute is this?

The server who took our order really took the time to describe some popular sandwiches and make us feel at home.  I have to say that this adorable little place takes it's name pretty literally in making customers feel really comfortable.  I will be back soon:).

Thanking God for a wonderful day,


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  1. How funny! When I saw the pictures of your house, I knew that you must live in my area. Your look is similar to what we are used to. I live in Rockwall. You must be close by...McKinney is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. :)


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