Thursday, September 5, 2013

Front Hall

I have set up the entry table in the front hall exactly as it was in the old house.  I think the familiarity of reassures me...

I have also begun to work on the formal living room.  Having a "formal" room is a first for me....
The window coverings came with the house.  I am not sure whether to keep them up or take them down and start over.  I am taking baby steps at the moment.  I started with two chairs and an armoire that were in the living room in our last house.

I purchased the glass table from Pottery Barn online.  (I am looking forward to putting accessories on it, but have not had a chance to shop for them yet.) The seagrass rug arrived from Home Decorators yesterday.  It is still a little bumpy from being rolled up.  I need to purchase a sofa for this room, but should probably decide about the drapes first....

If you found yourself in a house with beautiful silk window coverings, but they weren't really your style, would you keep them or take them down?  (Yes, budget is a consideration....) I have a had a suggestion that I take down the swags and balloon shades and just let the drapes hang straight.  I am going to see if I can find someone who can look at the way the the fabric is attached up top to see if this could be done.  I am way in over my head here, so I would appreciate any input!

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  1. Personally I'd get rid of the swags - just that would make a huge difference - you may really love the drapes on their own!!!
    And that armoire is just fantastic!

  2. I totally agree with Suzan! Swags down. Armoire fantastic! And maybe get rid of that word- "formal". Unless you like it of course. :)

  3. I'm delighted to discover your blog, and thank you for visiting mine! I agree to try to leave the long panels for now, unless you just don't like the colors. (I love them, but that's my taste, not yours.) I would keep my sofa pretty neutral regardless, and just change your colors out with pillows and throws. They're a lot cheaper and easier to replace than a sofa. Hope that helps. Jacki


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