Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Progress on the Master Bedroom

Do you feel much more satisfied with things you had a part in creating than things simply purchased?  I usually do.  If they turn out the way I wanted them to...

I am feeling very good about the IKEA Ektorp chairs that I put together for our master bedroom today.

Here's the before:

While I was waiting for the delivery truck, I decided to hang the pair of magnolia prints that I had purchased at HomeGoods about six weeks ago.  This desk was left from the furniture we purchased for the apartment my husband lived in before we really moved here.  It fit this spot so perfectly, that I decided to keep here.  The desk is also from IKEA and no this is not a sponsored post....

 Here are the boxes when they arrived (like Christmas!!!):

The chairs were not very difficult to assemble.  I actually looked over the instructions (which are available online) before I purchased them. I don't do well with a lot of screws and other small pieces... but this looked very simple and it was.   I have always wanted some white slipcovered furniture (like I see in so many beautiful blogs).  Many different throw pillows are waiting in stores for me to buy them and try them on my new blank canvases...

If you are not familiar with these IKEA chairs, the slipcovers are both washable and affordable.  I am pretty sure that our dog, Dexter, will think I bought these for him to sleep in.  If I find that they are getting too dirty, I can always add a white towel for him....

I did touch the covers up with an iron before I put them on.  Obviously I do not have OCD.  I ironed over the really big fold lines - no more....

And here is the big reveal:

The rest of our room is the same as it was at our old house:

Well, looking at this picture... maybe it is more crooked than it was at our old house.  Just kidding...blame the person holding the camera ( I wouldn't go so far as to say photographer!)

I am very happy to say that we have ordered some roman shades in a linen fabric and they will be installed in 2-3 weeks.  I will add pictures as soon as they are up.

If you would like to see the paint transformation of this room, click HERE.



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  1. It looks beautiful - love the sitting area!!!
    And just so you know you can straighten out any picture on pic monkey !!!

  2. Thanks Suzan - I use Pic monkey but never noticed that feature - awesome!

  3. Gorgeous room, and of course you don't have ocd. But I think I might, cuz I love that you ironed!

  4. Thanks Laurel. Truth told I probably wouldn't have ironed them at all if I wasn't taking a picture for this blog!

  5. Great bedroom and I totally love the chairs. Such a wonderful seating area. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. I've owned lots of Ikea furniture and have always been happy with it. I love how nice the chairs look in your room!


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