Monday, November 25, 2013


Last week I went outside my blogging comfort zone by sharing a recipe for apricot bread.  While making my family's favorite chili last night, it occurred to me to share that recipe here.  A wonderful friend, Sandy, gave me a similar recipe years ago.  She would bring her chili to the annual Superbowl party, and my husband always devoured it. Over the years, I have adapted her recipe slightly to our family's preferences.

1 cup of diced onion
2 green bell peppers, chopped
1-2 lbs. of lean ground beef
1 can of Rotel (original)
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 jar of sliced mushrooms
1 small can of corn
2 cans of dark red kidney beans
2 cans of pinto beans
2 tablespoons of chili powder (more if you want more kick)
salt to taste (optional)

In a large pan, combine onions, peppers, and ground beef.
Cook, breaking up the ground beef, stirring frequently, until the beef is brown.

Drain excess fat from the pan.
Then add all the other ingredients.  DO NOT drain any of the cans before adding to the mixture.

Let it simmer about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.   Serve with grated cheese and tortilla chips.

After dinner, I freeze any that is left over in individual servings.  It is great to have on hand.

Hope you're keeping warm!

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