Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life is a Balancing Act

A few years ago, my husband (who puts a lot of miles on a car driving for work) purchased a new car. At the time, my beloved SUV had lots of miles and lots of broken accessories (windows that wouldn't go down, speakers blown, brakes that announced I was coming a good five minutes before I arrived, etc.  Let me add that I noticed the speakers being blown soon after letting one of my teenagers drive it...).  Anyway, with our youngest child driving, and my days of driving the basketball team to games all over the city long behind me... it made sense to trade the SUV in for my husband's new car.  I in turn got a good as new sporty sedan with lots of miles on it.  Since I taught at a school about 3 miles from our house, this was definitely a sound fiscal decision.  I do love driving that car...BUT.... it is totally useless when I fall in love with a piece of furniture or want to buy plants for the backyard.

Fast forward to now... I am not teaching this year since our house sold in August and delayed our move to a new city into the school year.  I have found a school that I hope to teach at eventually, and I subbed there for the first time today.

A couple of weeks ago, I subtly suggested that it was time to get me another SUV.  My husband (knowing that I wanted the SUV to shop with) jokingly answered that maybe it was time for me to get a teaching job.  He was right.  Today, I felt very good about being back "where I belong."  It's not my own classroom, but that will come when it is supposed to.

I have already accepted more sub jobs for the rest of the week, so I resigned myself that the house would be going on the back burner for  a while.

Then.... I found a package waiting for me at the door when I got home.  Oh my goodness!!!  I had forgotten that I had found the perfect vintage scale on Etsy last week. The Shop was Ruff by Margo. I was not compensated in any way for this post, I just like to share good sources.

So... the scale arrived. Nothing to do but try it with all things fall lying around the house...

Yes, as a matter of fact...
I am as happy as a substitute teacher with a "new" vintage scale.  Maybe I can balance work and nesting in our new home!



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