Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mini versions of Christmas Signs

One of the "pins" I have been wanting to recreate is a large white board with the word "JOY" painted vertically in red, that sits outside a front door.   There is no source credited for the photo.

Today I ended up making a mini version of it.

We are having some construction done at our house.  There is a growing collection of rejected lumber in a pile in the back yard.
Yes... I do dig through it when no one is working...
I look for pieces of wood that have been rejected... but hold promise.
Unfortunately, so far, everything I find is either small or really bad.  I guess it makes sense that no one is throwing perfectly good five foot long pieces of lumber into the trash pile.

But they are throwing perfectly good short pieces into the pile.  And, I can never let anything go to waste. So I have started to paint some of my salvaged finds.

Once I got started...

It was very hard to stop.

Yes, they are small.  But they will be easy to use in Christmas decorating inside and outside our house.
I am not sure whether I will distress them or not.  I do know that I am having fun and want to paint more.

I guess I'll be dumpster diving again tomorrow...



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  1. I love them - a festive addition for the holidays!

  2. I love making signs out of salvaged wood. I love yours!


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