Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am one very thankful person this week.

I got some wonderful news last night.
Background information... three months ago we moved cities.  One of our sons stayed working in the city we left.  Our other two kids are in college, a few hours away.

So... I had come to accept that only two of our kids would be able to come up for Thanksgiving this year.  I won't say I was happy about it.  Then I found out that the out of town son did in fact have Thursday off of work. When I told my husband that, he said we could buy an airline ticket if my son could come up for the day.  Immediately...I mean IMMEDIATELY... I texted my son with that info. To make a long story short... it turned out that someone else who wanted more hours was happy to pick up my son's hours on Friday... My son is going to drive up and now all three of my kids will be here for Thanksgiving.  I am one happy momma.

The gravy on my plate is that the sofa and tables I ordered from Ethan Allen for our living room came in early.  Originally, the salesperson had not been able to promise me that they would even be delivered by Christmas. Imagine my surprise when they called to say they could deliver them Monday!

The middle of our new house has gone from half empty:

to cozy:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Oh how fabulous to have your family together for Thanksgiving. I know how special that is. Love, love, love your new furniture. That sofa is GORGEOUS. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a great Thanksgiving treat! You're able to have everyone at home! That is a gift in itself; and the new furniture is gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. How wonderful your family could be together at Thanksgiving. Your new couch is very pretty.


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