Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Heart is Full

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I did.
I've adjusted to living in a different city than my (big) kids... kinda.
Not really.
I just absolutely loved having them all here at the same time.
I especially loved it when they cooperated on taking this Christmas card photo for me.
This was actually the second try.  (Sun and shadows ruined the first shots.)
Yes... they actually cooperated not once, but twice.
They put on the shirts I bought at Old Navy.
They smiled.
They had fun.
I love them.

If you are wondering if the boys are twins... yes they are identical twins.
They had a rare complication before they were born called Twin to TwinTransfusion Syndrome.
Diagnosed before 20 weeks, the medical books gave EACH of them a 20% chance of surviving.
Thanks to excellent medical care, they were delivered by emergency C-section when the smaller twin could no longer survive in utero.
Their birth weights (at 32 weeks gestation) were 4 lbs 3 oz and 1 lb 14oz.
They spent 7 and 9 weeks in the NICU.
We sang "Oh What a Miracle (am I)" along with Raffi a lot at our house.

Four years later, God also gave us an 8 lb. 9 oz. daughter.  I had hoped for a full term baby girl..  Wow...did God ever answer my prayers.

Amazon Smile will donate a percentage of every purchase to a charity of your choice.  I hope you will choose to support the Twin to Twin Transfusion Foundation.  




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