Monday, March 3, 2014

March Mantel

I accepted a kindergarten teaching position in December.  I LOVE my new job, but it hasn't left any time for this blog.  Until today.  The temperatures here went from the mid seventies on Saturday afternoon to twenty degrees on Sunday (last night).  I picked up my phone when I was going to bed last night (I use it as my alarm clock) and discovered that school is closed today due to weather.

I feel like a little kid on a snow day!  What will I do with all this free time suddenly gifted to me?

This morning, while pouring a wonderful second cup of coffee in the kitchen, I looked at the mantel area and I knew the first thing I wanted to do was update this blog.  This area of the house looked VERY empty when Christmas came down.  It is taking me a while to fill in the gaps, but I am happy with how it is coming along.

I found the wicker rocking chair through Amazon.  Here is the affiliate link       

The spring flower wreath is from my favorite store, HomeGoods.

The terrarium at the top of the shelves was on clearance at Kirklands recently.  I believe it was 19.99! I put a fake plant in it.  There is not enough sun in that corner for real plants (even if I would remember to water them...)

If it seems like I have a lot of photos on display, I know I do.  I'm still getting used to my empty nest. It makes me happy to see my kids (if only in pictures).

I am on the look out for a floor lamp.  Maybe I'll find one today....



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  1. It looks like you are eagerly anticipating spring too! Your new mantel looks welcoming and cheery.

    Congratulations on the job, btw.

  2. So glad you like your new job...:)
    I love your pretty, I am inspired to change mine up a bit. I am waiting for prettier weather, tho.
    here from Your gonna Love it...


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