Sunday, May 25, 2014

Feeling Grateful

My daughter has been asking me to buy a pair of chaise lounge chairs for the backyard for years. They never seemed to be the most pressing thing on my shopping list...
But I finally got around to it last week.  Amazon sent them and I assembled them.

I am so happy that I finally did!  Four more days of school until summer vacation and then I will be sitting out here drinking my coffee in the mornings.

While you're here... I want to show you around a bit.    

We have lived in this house since August.  The winter here was much colder than I am used to. Frankly, a couple of months ago, the backyard looked depressing after several freezes.

So, I am really enjoying seeing most of the plants come back to life.

I am also enjoying having a house full of college kids here for a few days.  Our own kids are home and brought friends.  Life is good.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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  1. What a beautiful backyard, Eilis! I can see you enjoying some great times there. Our girls are home from college for the summer; and it is so nice to have a full house again. Many of their friends are home, as well; and it reminds me of old times when they're all here at the house.

  2. Aren't perennials wonderful? They just appear and bloom for you. Those lounges sure look comfy, too.

  3. Hi Eilis, Your yard and patio are beautiful! Enjoy the new chairs.

  4. Oh they look fabulous and so does your yard and pool. I would just live out there.


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