Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

I now have two more things to be thankful for!  Yesterday, while browsing on Craigslist (my current obsession), I found a pair of host chairs that match my existing dining table and chairs like they were intended to be together!  They also match the existing drapes, wall color, and rug.  They are in great shape and were extremely affordable.

I never would have picked the fabric, but I love it with everything in the room.  

Yes... that is nail head trim!  

The host chairs that originally went along with this table were no longer available when we purchased the rest of the set (more than fifteen years ago).  Since this dining room is larger than our old one, I have been looking for a pair of host chairs at furniture stores and online.  Fortunately, I had ruled out several much more expensive options.  I had a feeling that the "perfect" ones would show up one day.  It turns out that yesterday was the day!

I am also VERY grateful that my son, the chairs, and I all made it home safely.  It started to rain on the way back and a truck hydroplaned in front of us.  I am not sure how my son managed to avoid him.  It was one of those moments that seems to last forever and then continues to replay in my mind.


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