Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Front Door

Yesterday, the sun stayed out long enough for a trip to Canton!  I found these wonderful bunches of flowers for the baskets on our front door.

How much easier can it get than just dropping a bouquet right into the basket?  

And...they were marked down to half price!

My mom and I had Canton pretty much to ourselves.  It's so much easier to find great things without the crowds.  Unfortunately, the recent Texas rain probably kept a lot of shoppers away.

I hope you are high and dry wherever you are.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Hold on....your doors are beautiful!! Such a pretty porch to greet people and your flower baskets look great together. We were going to go to Canton and didn't make it. I really like to go every month but it doesn't always work out. Did you go to Laurie Anna's?

  2. No, we spent longer than we planned to and ended up skipping Laurie Anna's on the way out. (There was terrible traffic on 20 and it took us forever to get to Canton.) I do LOVE that store though!

  3. This is really a great idea! My wife always wanted to decorate the door because our front door looks really dull and old.

    My wife absolutely loves roses and daisies. I thinking of copying your idea and making this for her if that is okay with you. I hope you don't mind if I make this for her!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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