Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Magnolia Market

On Saturday, we drove to a wedding in New Braunsfels, TX.
Waco happens to be between Dallas and New Braunsfels.
My wonderful husband is very aware of my obsession with the show, Fixer Upper, and everything associated with it.  He actually came up with the idea of leaving early enough that we could stop by the Magnolia Market!

The shop was easy to find by the buzz of activity (in an otherwise quiet area).   If I expected that it would just be Joanna and me, I would have been  disappointed.  The store was just as inspiring as I expected though.  There were plenty of delightful sales people to help all the customers.

Here I am in front of the store with my purchase of two wall sconces:

You'll have to take my word for it because my sweet husband covered the Magnolia Market sign with his finger when he took this picture for me...

He also wondered aloud why we needed these "midieval weapons."  I have to admit that without candles, they do have some resemblence to a crossbow...

Here they are hanging in our entry hall with candles:

This wasn't the first place I thought of hanging them, but I like them near our very country french dining room.


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