Monday, June 22, 2015

The Firepit Gets a Makeover

We fell in love with the backyard of this house when we were house hunting.  It has a huge firepit surrounded by rock benches.  They are beautiful in their very solid way.  They also look as comfortable as the furniture in Fred Flinstone's home....

Recently, I have been drooling over outdoor sectionals in Pottery Barn and other catalogs.  I used them as an inspiration to make our seating area more festive and welcoming.

Here's a "before" photo:

I guess it is a little unfair that the before photo was taken in the morning shade...
A little like when the model has make up for the after picture in an acne commercial....

Here's an update of the "after" taken in the morning:

That's a more fair comparison.

I purchased most of the pillows at "At Home."  They have a great selection of outdoor toss pillows between $9.99 and $15.00.

I wonder if Wilma would like the change?

Have a wonderful week!



  1. What a beautiful fire pit area Eilis! Love the pillows and cushion that you chose just beautiful! I am hosting a new link party tomorrow night at 7pm CST and I would love to have you share your beautiful outdoor space! Take care and have a great week!

  2. Thanks Tara! I will be there.

  3. What a very unique seating area! it...and it sure did make quite a difference with the pillows..gave it personality and truly softened the area....yes, Wilma would definitely approve!

  4. Thank you for stopping by, Shirley!

  5. I fell in love with your back yard too! Oh my! Simply beautiful Ellis:) I'm sure you and your family get lots of use out of this back yard! GORGEOUS!


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