Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Filling Up Our Walls

I've mentioned before that I like to hang art in our home that holds memories or special connections.

For months, I have been trying to pin down each family member to choose a favorite movie poster for the media room.  This summer, I finally gave a firm deadline and got responses.  I limited everyone to the 24 x 36 size to make it easier to purchase matching frames.  Here's the result:

I also found a perfect spot for a delightful $20 estate sale purchase:

This beautiful watercolor, "March of the Flowers," is signed by the artist, but I can't completely make out her name.  It reminds me of many happy summer vacations in Colorado.

With its elaborate gold frame, it is perfect on the wall near, but not next to, the oil painting of rabbits.



  1. Having everyone choose a favorite movie is such a great idea! We have nothing on the walls of our media room. Maybe I'll copy your idea. :)

    Yours stairs are beautiful!

  2. loving your media room! we did a retro/movie basement, but i realized i didn't have room for movie posters with all my retro looking wall art. oh well!


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