Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Becoming my Mother

Yup... I am becoming my mother. Nothing wrong with that. She is a delightful person. It's just that, while thinking about a title for this post, it occurred to me that not so long ago, I would not have purchased any of the items in these photos.  My mother on the other hand, has always appreciated traditional decor and "old things."

I found these pillows on Etsy.  Although they can't be seen at the same time as the drapes, they do pick up the color in the fabric.  When did I start noticing tassel fringe?

I guess my taste started to evolve when we purchased this home.  It has loads of Country French charm.  While I loved the house, it completely intimidated me.  When we moved in, our furniture seemed to disappear.  We didn't have the oil paintings that the glazed walls were looking for.  

So I studied  beautiful blogs, bought books by Charles Faudree, began to visit auctions and estate sales...  I discovered that there is a world of affordable oil paintings and antiques if you are willing to search them out.  
Now I enjoy finding out about old things.  This porcelain statue of a goddess is a "Parian figurine".  Who knew?
I'm also hooked on collecting little silverplate coasters.  Are they not sweet?

I didn't know what to put in the empty space above this clock until I saw this candleabra.  It was under twenty dollars in an auction.  

Suddenly I am buying things I wouldn't have looked at a few years ago.

And I really love them.

Have a wonderful day.


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  1. Nothing wrong wi th becoming your mother, she has great taste if I can gather from your pictures. Love the wall treatment! .It takes lots of love and time to fill a home.


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