Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cottage Bedroom

It's pretty soggy here in North Texas. 

I took advantage of today's "stuck in the house" weather to hang a curtain rod and two Ralph Lauren tablecloths in one of the bedrooms.  I love the cottage feeling they bring to the room.

My plan is to find some other tablecloths and shams with a more neutral or masculine feel for when my son stays in this room.  I figure for the other 350 something days, this look works.

I hope to do a few more things in this room and show more pictures soon.



  1. Very pretty, Eilis! The color on the walls look very beautiful with the curtains and shams! I LOVE RALPH...he's the other man in my life! Lol! Have a great day:D

    1. Thanks Cindy. Ralph has been hanging out at HomeGoods a lot these days. He's a lot more approachable there!

  2. Sheets and tablecloths are such wonderful Fabric sources. I have 2 sets of drapes, I'm going to use for cushions. REDO... from whatever works. And these tablecloths work perfect. Thanks for the share, Sandi


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