Saturday, October 10, 2015

Looking for Suggestions

I'm not happy with how I have the entry table set up.  The two cones with hydrangeas hanging on either side of the mirror clash if I want to put flowers on the table. (This picture was taken in December.)

I am obsessed with the look of antique French candlesticks

or lamps with candlestick bases.

But not the price.

Then, I found these affordable lamps at Amazon:

Here's the affiliate link if you are interested:

They are 31 inches tall.  The top of the lamps would hit about where the top of the metal cones are. 
(Of course the cones would not be there.) 

 I will be using the same table and mirror.
I would put seasonal flowers, or a statue, etc. in between the lamps. (I would lower the mirror if it seems too far above the table with the change.)

Update:  I am making myself so crazy over this that I have "created" a photo:

Help me decide whether two of these lamps would work.  Or should I hold out for a miracle...two tall beautiful altar candlesticks showing up at a neighborhood garage sale?!
Any other suggestions are also welcome!


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  1. Hi Eilis, I think those lamps would be perfect there! I like the candlestick base. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  2. Thanks Sherry! It's unanimous then.... I'm doing it :)


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