Monday, November 23, 2015


I just drove 45 minutes to see a movie and it was SO worth it.   It is only showing in select theaters.

92% of viewers liked it on rotten tomatoes.  I knew my Irish immigrant mother would enjoy it, so I brought her across Dallas to see it.  She loved the nostalgia.  We both loved the story and characters. 

Fun fact for me:  The main character's name is Eilis.  In the movie, they pronounced the first part of her name as a long A.  My family pronounces mine like a long I. We both pronounce the second syllable like "leash."  I have spent half a century explaining my unusual Gaelic name to everyone I meet.  I won't even get into how many ways my name is misspelled.  Let's just say that my three children have very simple to say and spell names....

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  1. I try to see a movie each week, so I'll look for Brooklyn. If it doesn't come to a theater nearby, I'll put it on my list for Netflix. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Well first let me say, thank you for explaining how to say your name and I'll try to remember that. ;)

    Haven't even heard of this movie. One of the things I love about Dallas is the great choices in movies. A girlfriend and I often meet at Angelika and see artsy movies. It's fun!

  3. I'm guilty of saying your name wrong...I think I even misspelled it once! So sorry:) Thanks for the info on the movie! Good movies are a rare find anymore.


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