Friday, December 4, 2015

Sometimes All it Takes is a Pillow

I went on a wonderful "real life" holiday home tour locally today.  I'm feeling so inspired by all the lovely things I saw.  Each house reflected the owner's unique holiday style. After visiting all those beautifully decorated homes, one part of me wants to add Christmas to every inch of our home.  The other part of me says "less is more." This post falls under the later category.

I found this beautiful pillow at Laurie Anna's in Canton last fall.

Burlap, ribbon, bells... 

Does it get any  better?  My country french side says no.

But then again....
I'm working on lots of red and plaid in the breakfast room for Poofing the Pillows' Christmas in Texas Blog Hop next week..
I love that Christmas decor style too! 




  1. What a beauty! The pillow is perfect with your bedding.

    I have a few pillows from Laurie Anna's too. They are hard to resist. :)

    1. My friend bought the matching stockings for her new daughter-in-laws too!

  2. As an interior designer, I did lots of homes up for Christmas tours. We always overdecorated so people got their money worth but I'd never do that much in my home. Love the pillow!

  3. Eilis, you couldn't have decorated that daybed any better if you tried! GORGEOUS!

  4. Fabulous pillow...and yes, it's the perfect touch!!

  5. Really pretty---did you stencil your walls--I see a pattern on them. I had purchased a similar template to stencil some walls with and then ultimately decided not to do it. I like how yours look. I ended up giving my stencil away.


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