Saturday, January 23, 2016

I'm Really Doing It!

For the two years we have lived in this house, I have done everything I can think of to lighten up the kitchen and family room without painting.  Why haven't I painted?

Mr. MyHeart is usually pretty easy going about our home decor.  I choose it.. he likes it.
The glazed walls in the kitchen/family room have been a rare exception to this.  He liked them the way they were when we bought this house.  Every time I brought up painting them, he resisted, saying, the room makes him feel calm and relaxed when he gets home from work.

Well... I find that the dark kitchen and family room  bring me down.  Every where I look walls are light.  I want to be in the light!

I decided we needed a neutral third party.  I found a woman who specializes in choosing paint colors.  I can't even believe that there is such a specialty.  She was perfect for us because she charged a flat fee to consult in our home for an hour.  She wasn't selling anything else.  No pressure.  Love that!

So... She brought loads of large samples.  We tried them all over the room, looking at different lighting and how they looked next to the back splash, stone fire place, furniture, etc.
We decided on "Stucco" (Sherwin Williams).  It looks very white on the wall, but when you hold a piece of white paper next to it, you see a contrast.

Then, she suggested buying inexpensive sample sizes of the paint and trying out a 2' x 3' test area.  (Actually, we chose two colors, but I quickly ruled out the lighter one.)  So... I tried out a test area.  Actually, I got kind of excited and painted a bigger area...

Who turned the lights on?! 

The happy news is that Mr. MyHeart is warming up to it.  He says he'll just have to wear sun glasses when he looks at it.  

Stay tuned... more to come...





  1. Oh Eilis I wish I would have known! I am a certified Sherwin Williams paint specialist as well as having a degree in interior design. It only would have cost you a cup a tea to have me. :( Next time.

  2. Oops...I will know for next time! You're still welcome for tea anytime you come to our side of town :)

  3. I bet you are going to love it!

  4. Oh, I love it already! It is going to be fabulous:)

  5. Beautiful! It's going to be so lovely!


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