Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life is good.
The paint is dry in our kitchen and family room.
My computer dried out from the coffee I spilled on it.  (It was hard to leave it off for two days... but I am so glad I did.)

Since the paint color that we chose was lighter than the ceiling, we paid professional painters to do the whole room.
The ceiling alone made such a big difference in adding light to the room!
It was also nice to get rid of the duck mess.
A few months ago, a duck came in through our dog door.  It made marks on the ceiling while flying around.  Our attempts to clean the marks left grease stains.  We tried touching up the ceiling...
but that looked even worse.
So the great news is.... the ceiling is now freshly painted.

This room no longer makes me feel like it is nap time.
Now it energizes me.

And... I love these bread boards on the wall that leads to the garage.  Sorry, there is no good time of day to photograph this windowless area.  But I do love the contrast of the wood boards against the stucco shade of paint.

Here are some old before photos.


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  1. Eilis,
    The bread boards on the light-colored wall look fantastic. Isn't it amazing how much brighter rooms look with fresh, light paint? Love, love, love your French-style chandelier over your dining table.


  2. Ellis, your room looks beautiful, refreshed! There is nothing like a coat of fresh paint to start the new year off right.

    1. I always love how a new paint color makes you feel like you are in a new place! It always feels so much fresher and cleaner. I actually like your place both ways. The before photos look warm, cozy , and inviting to me. The newer ones look a bit more lively. But I know how you feel. We changed our rooms from a darker gray/green to a very pale one . I do love your bread boards hanging there---Have a nice day! Oh and the duck story is sooooooooo funny although I am not sure if it was fun for you!

    2. Actually, my adult son was home and dealt with the duck situation while I was at work- thank goodness!

  3. Eilis, your new paint is amazing! There's nothing like a new coat of paint to make every single thing look pretty. Your house is stunning to begin with and I love all that you are doing to it.

  4. Stacey,Thanks for encouraging me to paint!

  5. Wow! That was a beautiful faux finish, but you were definitely right to go with that color! Nice and bright and the wood tones really pop now:) Great choice, Eilis! I can't believe you had a duck come into your house...OMG! LOL!

    1. Thank you Cindy! I am leaving the faux everywhere else in the house :)

  6. Ellis,
    What a beautiful transformation! I love it all and it really showcases all of the gorgeous details of your home!

  7. Beautiful for sure!!!
    Your duck story is hilarious!! He probably thought he was a goner :^)
    When you have a moment, will you share your paint color. We are on the trail to painting a couple of walls in our DR and kitchen, and your color is lovely!


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