Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Baby Shower Preparations

I am delighted to be working on a baby shower for a friend right now.  We taught at the same elementary school for the last couple of years.  Last fall, she shared great news with  me.  She was expecting twins!

I could relate.  My own first two children were twins.
In time, my friend and I came to have even more in common.  We are now both mothers of premature, identical, twin boys.  (Mine are adults now.)

Another teacher friend had called me before Christmas to see if we could host her shower together. My home was the obvious choice for location, since I have retired and have time for these things.  We planned to have the shower in January, in case the babies came early.  However, we didn't schedule it early enough.  My friend went on hospital bed rest on Christmas Eve!  Miraculously, she and those boys held on until 28 weeks.  

Before they were born, while I visited her in the hospital, I told her we would have her shower after the boys were born, but before they came home.  I told her that friends had done that for us.  It gave us a touch of "normal" in a very different world of parenting premature babies.  It is so hard to leave your precious children hooked up to tubes and machines at the hospital, when you are able to go home.  One part of you is SO grateful for every tiny breath these babies take.  The other part of you sees big healthy babies everywhere and wishes for all that comes along with that.

When our sons were born, they benefited from all the amazing medical progress in the care of preemies to that point. However, they stayed in Isolettes in a crowded nursery.  The only time I got to spend alone with my children was in the breastfeeding room. Sometimes it felt like my kids belonged to the nurses and I was the visitor. Now, my friend and her husband are able to stay in a hospital room with their babies while a nurse sits outside the door. If they can't bring their sons home yet, I can't imagine any better solution than being alone with them in a hospital room.

So, the shower is now set for Saturday, and I plan to share photos here next week.  I'm not sure how many hours I have spent on Pinterest for this project, but I have enjoyed every moment!  We'll be playing a twin version of the "Price is Right" and writing late night messages on diapers for the parents.  The invitations I downloaded from an Etsy shop are worded, "Twice the blessings, Double the fun, Two miracles instead of one." How perfect is that? I have the food planned and am trying to decide whether to make a punch out of Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue Typhoon, 7 Up and pineapple juice.  It sounds delicious, but some people warn that it turns out more green than blue. Maybe I will just use a little pineapple juice....

Yes, I do know that the letters are not equally spaced in the photo above.  Don't worry, they are now.

Do you have any last minute great ideas for a twin boy baby shower?  I would love to hear them.




  1. Eilis I love the garland! The new mommy will too! The punch sounds delish and I'm sure it will turn out. Congrats to your friend and have a happy and fun shower!

  2. The garland is adorable, Eilis, and your ideas sound fun! I think that whatever you do for the party, it will be lovely. How lucky your friend is for hosting such a wonderful, and heartfelt shower. My thoughts and prayers will be with your friend and her little ones:)

  3. I'm so happy that your friends twins are doing ok despite being premature. I think most twins come early don't they? Thank goodness that science has improved the odds for preemies now! Your shower plans sound wonderful. I'm sure she will appreciate being surrounded by her friends and family in a celebratory way for the sweet babies that she is waiting to bring home!

  4. Good Morning!
    What a fun project and blessing. I love baby showers, there is nothing as marvelous as welcoming a new baby to the home and in this case two!
    Everything will be beautiful, you are such a classy lady:)

  5. Eilis, I know your friend is so grateful for the shower but also for the friendship and understanding you'll be sharing with her. Your beautiful home is perfect for a shower. Can't wait to hear all the details.

  6. Eilis- I agree with Stacey.
    Your home is the perfect backdrop for a special party for a friend.

    Thank you for sharing those on TOHOT.
    We are so glad you are here.

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  8. Really loved baby shower garland. Thanks a lot for sharing these photos. Would love to make such a cute garland for my cousin’s baby shower. We are going to host it at one of local party venues. Hopefully, will organize it perfectly.


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