Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adding Wall Art

Recently, I aquired a stretched canvas piece at HomeGoods. (Aquired sounds so much more important than "bought.")  I can't seem to find a name or artist associated with it, but I just love it. (I'm pretty sure it came from China, but hey, someone painted the original, right?)  It wasn't Monet, but I think he may have been inspired by Monet.

Picture me walking around the store with this huge canvas, placing it by different things in the store to see if I still liked it.  Yes, I am a little nuts like that.

So, it passed all my little tests and came home with me.

I even got out a level and used two nails to hang it.  Sometimes I am a perfectionist. (Like now, when I keep changing my mind about whether or not to put a comma after "sometimes." I found an explanation HERE.)

Back to the canvas, it reminds me of a quiet spot on the lake we live near.

After three years of crossing a bridge over the lake to get home from work, my husband finally stopped saying, "We should get a boat." Now we have a boat.  I tolerate the water sports.  I like the cold drinks in the ice chest. I am excited that my adult kids come home to ride said boat.  Did I mention that we can dock the boat at a Mexican restaurant that has awesome margaritas?

But, I LOVE the times when we get to a quiet spot on the lake and just go slow.  Sometimes (comma, no comma, who knows?!) my husband even notices that it is really quiet and turns down the volume on the country music blasting from the speakers.
That is my really happy moment.  I love the ducks, the trees, the quiet.

I guess I was just born to enjoy peace, quiet, and nature.

Again, back to my new aquisition. Here it is on a wall that has been waiting for "something."

Now this side of the room feels finished.

On the other side of the room, I also found this beautiful throw in the clearance section of Pottery Barn.  But there is something else I want to do to the two IKEA arm chairs.  Stay tuned.



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  1. Good Morning!

    Well, I fuss and worry over my punctuation too, over think may be the correct term!
    You chose a lovely piece for your master, it is tranquil and just the type of painting to create sweet dreams.

    Aren't we so blessed to call Rockwall our home we have the lake, nature and oh the quietness.
    Glad you are enjoying your boat, we created some wonderful memories for the children and ourselves on our red boat and they all learned to water ski too!
    Great to have you here at TOHOT, my friend:)

  2. Hi Eilis! I should pay more attention to my punctuation and often post before proof reading!
    I love your painting! Waterscapes are my favourite and yours is gorgeous! ;) What a perfect piece for your home. ;)

  3. Eilis- I loved your descriptions, but I especially loved this line:

    I guess I was just born to enjoy peace, quiet, and nature.
    Me too!
    (With shopping trips for beautiful paintings like yours thrown in!


  4. Eilis
    The artwork you "acquired" is so pretty! The tranquil scene just draws you in. Don't you just love HomeGoods? Have you ever been able to go in there and not leave with something? Me neither!

  5. Love the pic, Eilis! It really goes well with the colors of the room. And no, your not nuts. I do the same exact thing when I shop! Well...then again, maybe we're both nuts! LOL! Either way, I totally understand:D

  6. I do the same thing when I buy something. I love the canvas. So glad you finally have that boat. If it the lake I'm thinking of, it was packed on Sunday. We cross that lake to get to my brother's lake house. Sunday was a gorgeous day for boating.
    I'm so glad your kids come home to go for a ride on the boat. Congratulations.


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