Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Getting Ready for the 4th of July

Priorities change. These days, the upcoming Fourth of July makes me think I need to buy red geraniums and red, white, and blue ribbon instead of fireworks.  Ribbon and flowers are a lot easier on our dog's nerves.

Fireworks kind of lost their novelty when we lived close to Six Flags for two years.  We had a firework show over our condo every single night of summer.

But I do fondly remember a time when we kids waited all day to go to a big park, lie on the top of our family station wagon and watch the spectacular firework show.  Everyone who was anyone (in our neighborhood) was there.  That's why it took forever to drive home.

My family loves to recall a year when we (my husband, my mom, and our three kids) all rode bikes to the 4th of July fireworks to avoid the traffic. 

On the way home, we rode in the dark on the sidewalk beside a huge school campus.  All of a sudden all the school's sprinklers turned on and soaked us.  There was nothing we could do but keep riding on with the sprinklers blasting.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.  

I picked up these star pillows in the garden department at Walmart for 5 bucks a piece in January. I'm pretty excited that I remembered where I put them  and now the rockers have 4th of July spirit!

They provide a good place for us to sit a moment and think how about lucky we are to live in this wonderful country.



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  1. What a great deal on those pillows! They are perfect for the 4th! We get to sit in our front yard every year and see the fireworks from Breckinridge Park. It's perfect after a day of celebrating...and no traffic to deal with!

  2. Red, white, and blue flowers are a great idea! We are blessed that we can sit on our back deck and see the local fireworks very clearly. After some very stressful adventures on the Fourth of July, this has been an easy solution. And I always vote for 'easy!'
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. Good Morning Eilis!
    Darling touches of Americana flair to your lovely home and those pillows-what a fabulous price point!
    I love, love finding deals like these:)
    You do have some great memories and I agree there is no place like the U.S.A.!
    Wish I could have joined you all for lunch today-next time for certain.

  4. The sprinkler probably felt good if it was hot! Your remark of being pretty excited that you remembered where you put the pillows cracked me up! I do the same exact thing. Enjoyed my visit today with you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Amen Sister. We are so blessed to live here. I think about that every single day.

    Your 4th of July decor is just perfect. :)

  6. Those Wal Mart pillows look perfect for the 4th, Eilis! Also, your French country leaving room looks so pretty, with your summery changes.
    What fun it was meeting at Rise today, with Bonnie! I enjoyed sharing lunch with both of you.

  7. Eilis, I love those pillows what a find. Also love fireworks, but from a distance! Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  8. Ooh, love those pillows! Such a fun, patriotic touch.

    I enjoy fireworks, but what I don't enjoy is the at-home firecrackers and bottle rockets that are so prevalent today. When I was growing up (60's and 70's), it just wasn't common for people to try to do the 4th of July themselves. Rather, the community put on a fireworks show at the park, and people brought their blankets and congregated there. We might have finished the evening off with a sparkler at home.

    I liked it better that way. I hate that every house in my neighborhood lights off firecrackers for hours...and not just on the 4th, but a couple days before as well. My dogs go insane!

    Patti @ Embracing Home

  9. I saw your post on Your Inspired Design. I really love your decorating. It looks great.Thank you for sharing it!

  10. Loved your soaked from the sprinkler story! Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  11. Love the pillows....good old Walmart! Your fireworks memories are sweet. I don't remember them as a kid but my husband loves them. Now that they are legal to buy in NY, he is itching to get some to blow off in our yard. That's a little scary!


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