Thursday, August 4, 2016

Capital Pedestal Hack

So, I've been sitting around being a couch potato for three weeks (since my ankle surgery).  

If I'm not careful, I'll be keeping up with the Kardashians soon....

Thank goodness I had the foresight to stash a few easy projects to do while cooped up.

I took a few minutes out of my binge watching schedule to hack a capital pedestal that I've seen at stores like Restoration Hardware.

I found this pedestal at HomeGoods.  While I liked the texture (and the price), it was too shiny and new.  It was screaming for a paint job.

I used the colors in this capital table from Wisteria as my inspiration.

First, I painted it with gray chalk paint.

Then, I dry brushed it in ASCP Old White.

Here it is on the coffee table.  Since I had the paint on hand, it cost me a third of the price of this pedestal from Restoration Hardware.

Now, where did I leave the remote control?

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  1. That is so pretty! I had toe surgery in May and am just now getting back to my olds self! Best wishes you get there soon, as well!

  2. That was such a good idea to paint it and give it an aged look! I think it turned out great. The paint brings out the details now. I have some of those capitals and I found them in the garden section at Hobby Lobby.

  3. Eilis, this turned out so pretty! I love the way you have it styled on the coffee table too. It looks beautiful. You did a wonderful job! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Look at you! Still being crafty after surgery! LOL It turned out beautifully! That was so clever of you to keep a few projects for your down time. Hope you're feeling better!
    PS Surgery has not diminished your crafting skills one bit.;-)

  5. Wow, I am so impressed that you are crafting after ankle surgery! The capital looks amazing! Take care of yourself and Happy Weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. Looks great, Eilis! Wish I lived closer to a Home Goods. So many great finds there. I bought one from Ballad a few years ago and I have a lamp sitting on it on top of my piano. Yours looks great on your coffee table.
    Hope your foot is healing well.
    I loved looking in Wisteria. That was a fun addition to our meal at Rise.

  7. You do more recuperating from ankle surgery than I do in a week. Looks great. Don't you love home goods. Do you get a knee scooter? They look like so much fun! Hope your ankle heals quickly.

  8. Oh Eilis you made me smile with the Kardashian reference but I do hope you are up and about very soon. Love the pedestal, truly aces! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hi Eilis, Love how this turned out. Dry brushing just takes things to a wonderful look!! YEven with ankle surgery you're creating beauty. Hope you're back up and around soon.
    Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  10. Pedsetal is looking magnificent in rustic look. You have totally redefined the beautiful carvings and made it stunning.

  11. Way to go!! Those pedestals are always so pretty and so expensive. The way you painted it is beautiful.

    You've been featured this week at TOHOT. :)

  12. What a great project redo, Eilis!! I have a couple of those pedestals at my house, but mine are from Hobby Lobby. I love how you have it staged into a pretty vignette.
    Hope you're healing nicely!

  13. Beautiful transformation. Love how it turned out. Glad to see you busy with projects. I know it does take time to heal. I hope you share this at our link party this Sunday, Dishing It & Digging It.

  14. That is perfect...I just wish we had a HomeGoods instead of the dimwits we do have :^(
    I will have to take Kitty's hint and check out HobLob!!
    You did a great job...I really like items to use as risers and yours is lovely!
    I had foot surgery last summer and with 5 permanently stiff toes, my "normal" is completely different!! I am just thankful to be able to get around!!
    Many thanks for the idea and I hope you are getting better and better!!

  15. I am catching up with my talented friends and sitting here thinking to myself that this is a talented gal and so organized too!
    Gorgeous transformations and of course you made me smile with Kardashian reference:)
    Thinking of you and wishing you well!

  16. It turned out great! I hope you're healing well...nothing like being laid up for a long time to make you go bonkers.

  17. This looks fantastic and that dry brush finish is always the best. Feel better soon - maybe a good book would be better over TV? Funny thing we got rid of our cable 7 years ago and I don't even miss it.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green


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