Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Which Ones Did I Keep?

I am delighted to be a  Stitch Fix Influencer.  This means that if you follow a link from this post or my website and become a Stitch Fix customer, I will receive compensation.

Not everything about being "non-weightbearing" for the last couple of months has been  bad.  
Get this, I have not weighed myself since July.  To do so, I would have to stand on the scale balancing on one foot, with my boot on the other foot which would be up in the air.  I guess I could then weigh the boot by itself, do some subtraction, and come up with a number.  
I don't want to know that badly. 
 Actually, I don't want to know at all.
Especially, since I have not exercised in two months.  I don't just mean that I haven't worked out in two months.  I mean I have not walked, climbed a stairs, carried grocery bags, nada.  Doctors orders. 
Then, at my most recent appointment, I asked what exactly he meant by "Start putting fifty percent of your weight on your foot beginning September 9th."  He explained that I will need to put the other half my body's weight on my arms (using crutches or a walker) while my recovering foot is touching the ground.  Eek!  My arms have done nothing but raise a fork and steer my knee scooter for the last two months.  Apparently, I had better start using the walker for something more than getting in and out of the shower....
Fortunately, my Stitch Fix stylist really came through for me again this month.  Everything I received in my box was flattering, even in my present blobish physical state.  Here's what I had to choose from. 
Which items do you think I kept?

Gilli Anissa Knit Dress $64.00

Bay to Baubles Jase Hammered Metal Tiered Collar Necklace  $34.00

London Times Yulissa Knit Dress  $64.00

Papermoon Araya Button Detail Blouse $54.00

Skies are Blue Kendruh Layered Hem Knit Top  $48.00

Here are a couple of hints. 

The Gilli Anissa dress was incredibly comfortable.  The fabric stretches as you move.  I can think of lots of places to wear it to.

The Skies are Blue knit top is a favorite color of mine.  The hem and neckline are very flattering for my shape.


You are right.  Those are the two items I purchased this month!

So, my $20.00 styling fee will be applied to my $112.00 total.  I will just put the three items that I decided to return into the pre-paid envelope and drop it in the mail box.

Hope to see you back here for the Monday Social starting on Sunday, September 11th.  Remember, you can link up from your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or blog.  We want to get to know you socially!



  1. How fun. I haven't tried Stitch Fix but I'd like to. What cute clothes. I can't wait for our first social! It's going to be amazing.

  2. I love both of your choices! The top is such a gorgeous shade of blue!

  3. Love this concept of custom made clothing delivered to your home. Super cute clothes!
    Sounds like you are on the move:)

  4. Oh neat! I've thought about trying Stitch Fix but I'm hesitant. I'll see how you like it after a few months. ;)


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