Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Stitch Fix

I am a Stitch Fix Influencer.  This means that if you follow a link from this post or my website and become a Stitch Fix  customer, I will receive compensation.

The box I opened this morning is my 21st Stitch Fix!  I always find at least one item that I love in each shipment, so I've never wasted the twenty dollar styling fee.  It just goes towards whatever I choose to keep.  Once, I purchased all five items, but one piece was for my daughter.

It's so much fun to try everything on in the comfort of my own home.  My stylist has my sizes and knows the kinds of clothes and accessories I like.  

Today, I was crazy about all five items.  By purchasing them all, I got the buy five 25% discount!

This knit top is so me.  I will be wearing it often!

I didn't know I need a hooded anorak cargo jacket, but it turns out that I did....
The cross body purse is great too.  I'm going to New York with my husband soon.  I think they will both be perfect for that trip.

This keyhole blouse looks great with jeans or black pants (my go to items).

I love the colors and length of this comfortable dress. It will work for winter with a black sweater and summer with sandals.  The easy care fabric will pack well too.

Stitch Fix sends ideas for coordinating each item in the box.  Lucky me, I have the sweater above from a previous Fix.

I got a giggle out of the description "vegan." It does look like leather, but is nice and light. The three compartments are great.

Returns are very easy. I usually put whatever I don't want to keep in the prepaid return envelope bag and drop it in a mailbox.  No need for it this time though.

When I was teaching, I scheduled my fixes once a month.  These days, I am happy with an every other month schedule.  I can update my account with my preferences whenever I want.

One happy Stitch Fix customer,



  1. Hi Eilis, I was interested in taking a look but the highlighted link at the top of your page is not working. I will also try the bottom link.

  2. Eilis,
    This is a wonderful way to shop and all of your clothing choices are fab.
    You know I am not a shopper, I would much rather be hiking, gardening and maybe even cleaning!
    This would be a fabulous solution for me. Going to delve into this more, thanks for info!

  3. Cute!. When are you going to New York? You will need layers if it is winter or early spring.
    I signed up for Stitch Fix but I've never ordered. The crossbody bag is a must for New York.

  4. Eilis, this is a great way to shop. I love the items that you purchased. I may have to check it out. I love to shop but for home decor rather than clothes. I prefer ordering my clothes. I hope that you are have having a wonderful week!!!

  5. My favorites are the cross over bag and the dress. Thanks for telling us about this company.

  6. Hi Eilis, and Happy New Year!!! Love the jacket:) Those are perfect for Spring time. Hope you have a wonderful day:)

  7. I've never heard of this company. What a great idea! I love the clothes you got. It's like having your very own personal stylist, huh? Thanks for the info.

  8. I'd seen this before and wondered how good they were. Might have to check it out!

  9. I am really inspired after reading your article. Really impressive.


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