Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Layered Rug

Our house is pretty chaotic at the moment.  The slate roof is being replaced due to hail damage. Taking slate off a roof is one big noisy, messy process.  Watching the workers walk up and down the sloped roof with piles of new shingles in the WIND makes me extremely nervous.
I'm hiding out inside.  This new rug from Joss & Main  is calming me down.  It is the Middlebury Ivory Area Rug. No animals were harmed in the process of creating it. 

I'm delighted with the layered effect on top of our sea grass rug.  If I used a real sheepskin, I would not be able to put it under some of the coffee table legs (and not the others) without making the table tipsy.  This rug is very thin (and very soft) and works great under two of the table legs. The light color and reduced price closed the sale for me.

I was going to share some pictures of the roof project, but I got stressed out again just thinking about it.  So, I will leave it here with my nice soft, quiet, new rug.




  1. Eilis,
    Nice choice for your new rug... Since I began blogging, I have loved white more and more. Your white rug is perfect.


  2. Oh boy. Having a roof replaced is messy work but to add the increased noise level and wind to the whole thing ups its stress factor quite a bit. Hope they get it done quickly!
    The white rug looks nice against the sea grass one.

  3. I like your new rug. Looks very nice.

    I understand the new roof process and they start very early making all kinds of noise. They make a mess too. But you forget about it quickly when its over.

  4. Your rug looks wonderful there! I'd never have the nerve to have a white rug in my space. Even if I kept it clean, Lizzie is a bit indiscriminate in where she loses her breakfast.

    Good luck with the roof. You'll be so glad it's done but it will be over soon enough. I remember that time well (and hope I've moved on by the time it needs to be replaced!)

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