Monday, February 6, 2017

NYC and Photo Canvas Winner

Happy Monday!

I've just returned from five fabulous days in New York.  This was my very first trip to this fascinating city. I could have spent the entire time in the Metropolitan Museum, but I also got to see Wicked on Broadway, have dinner at Club 21, enjoy the view from The Empire State Building, visit the 9/11 Memorial, shop on 5th Avenue, and so much more. 

We stayed at the Marriott Marquis Times Square.  We arrived at night and as our taxi approached the hotel, it amazed me that all the lights made it seem like daytime.  The highlight of the trip for me happened on Sunday morning.  We went to mass at the beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral and Cardinal Dolan was the celebrant. He is every bit as charismatic in real life as he appears on television.

My fused ankle managed the walking pretty well.  My iPhone says I did 18,400 steps on Saturday. Granted they were small, slow steps, but hey much better than I expected. I had to have some of the pain causing hardware removed three weeks ago, and that has made such a difference!

Did I mention that it was really cold there?!  I tagged along with my husband because he was going to a seminar.  Next time, I would go in the spring or fall.

Now it's time to catch up on things.

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Congratulations to Mami2jcn who won the Canvas Photo Print from Canvas Factory.
I have notified her by email and I'm sure she will enjoy a canvas print of her children.

Even  with all the Superbowl excitement last night, Monday Social still happened.  Be sure to stop by to see all the beautiful features and link up what you've been doing.

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  1. Congrats to the winner- I am happily very jealous of her! : - )

    Lovely photos of NYC - I am a huge fan and have luckily been there a few times. Such a great place to visit!

    I am glad to know your ankle didn't let you down - I have had a broken ankle and a broken foot and it is difficult to do things like this - very happy you weren't in too much pain! You walked so many steps, too, whoo hoo!

    Have a wonderful and blessed week.

  2. Your photos are fabulous and what a good time you had! I've not been to NYC in years and would love to return. You heard Cardinal Dolan? I'm not even Catholic and I'd love to hear him. That church photo is striking.

    Most of all I'm glad you were able to maneuver around pretty well, I would have been so worried but it sounds like removing some of those pins is a huge help. Three cheers!

  3. Your trip sounds amazing. I would take a little cold right about now. I love NY.

  4. Eilis,
    Fantastic photos! Your trip sounds wonderful... a little of all that NYC is famous for... Glad to hear your ankle held up.


  5. Beautiful pictures Eilis. I was there at the same time as you. Unfortunately for me I only made the trip into Manhattan once and it was so windy I had to leave as soon as I finished with my business. You went to my two favorite places the MET and yes I can live there, and St. Patricks which is awe inspiring. Next visit I will make a point of going to the world trade center. That is the only one I've never been to since it was completed.

  6. Isn't New York grand? I went one April tagging along with my husband. I got to see The Lion King on Broadway. Just fabulous! Oh, it snowed while we were there so still cold then. Love your pictures. I'm glad your ankle held up!
    And congrats to mami2jcn on winning!

  7. Your photos are beautiful! If you can walk that many steps around that busy city, you must really be getting better. I know you are glad about that.

  8. Hi Eilis, Your trip to NYC looks amazing. Love your photos!! So glad your ankle did well with all that walking. I can imagine it was cold. We were in Ohio for 10 days recently and I was freezing.
    Congrats to the winner!! Have a nice rest of the weekend. xo

  9. Your trip looks fabulous! I actually love cold weather...
    So happy that you had such a good time and that your ankle is healing so well!

  10. I am so happy that you had a wonderful time and your ankle did well. I have always wanted t visit St. Patrick's. Have a Happy Valentine's Day! May love and joy always be yours.


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