Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hello Spring


Don't tell anybody, but the inside of my house is a wreck right now.
We had three different groups of family and friends stay with us at different parts of the spring break week.  One group stayed here twice on their way to and from their destination.
I  washed a lot of sheets and towels last week.
But I wouldn't have missed all the visits for the world!

So now it is calm and quiet again. We are enjoying some beautiful March weather.

The housework can wait.
There will be plenty of inside time this July and August.

  My heart is outdoors these days.
I'm back to enjoying my morning coffee in the backyard.
Of course, while out there, I've noticed so many things that needed attention after the winter months.

Spring makes me want to freshen everything up.

I decided to try machine washing the outdoor cushion covers (Sunbrella fabric). They were so dirty that I really had nothing to lose.  They dried quickly outside.  The hardest part was getting the inserts back in!

Then I treated myself to three new pillows from Pier 1.  The one with the birds is not really intended for outdoor use.  It is under a patio cover and sometimes you just have to live dangerously (if a certain pillow is just too adorable to leave at the store).

 I am adding touches of this beautiful shade of blue any where I can.

The chaise lounge cushions are from At Home.
I can thank the squirrels for giving me an excuse to buy them. They made holes in the old ones and took out the stuffing.
 I still need to spray paint the rusty metal parts of these chairs.

A few flowering pots give the patio an instant infusion of spring.

Yesterday, I spray painted the iron chairs that sit outside our front door.  Amazing what a difference a can of Rust-Oleum makes!

We splurged and had the wrought iron fence painted because with all the sanding and priming, it was just too big a job for me.  I did learn that there are disposable painter's mitts that work like a paint brush for covering the rails with a minimum of paint waste. Filing that idea for a future project.

I've been planting annuals to replace the Knock Out roses that we lost to disease last year.  We won't
plant roses  for the next few years, since they would probably catch the same virus.  These colorful annual beauties are Verbena. I chose these plants because they will spread and give color all summer. Actually, I prefer these low flowers to the previous taller plants for this area.
The backyard feels more open.

 A few days ago, my wonderful son put down sod in the area near the gate that took a beating when our roof was being replaced. Actually, he did it for our dog, who needed a green place to call his own.
The rest of our lawn is beginning to show some life, but this patch was a muddy mess.

What an improvement!

Now there are three trays of begonias calling me....

Thank you Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles for organizing the Hello Spring Tour.

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  1. Such a spectacular space Eilis! I adore your new patio cushions. Who knew about painter's mitts?!? I must investigate further as our iron fencing needs a bit of a refresh. May this gorgeous day bless you richly.

  2. Ok, thank you. I told my new lawn man that I thought the roofers killed my grass in a spot. So thank you for the validation. He is treating my lawn, however and I hope that it will soon recover. I'm so sorry about your roses. I had no idea that there was a fungus that killed them all. Your yard looks wonderful. I had to giggle at the thought of you trying to wrangle the cushions back in the covers. I just did that last night with my husband's chair from IKEA. It was a battle. Thanks so much for sharing with our blog tour. This hello to spring has been such fun.

  3. You have such pretty design elements in your garden. I love the stone you used around the pool. We had some plans drawn up for a pool and outdoor fireplace and that is the look I am going for too. So natural and pretty. I also lost the knock out roses I planted last year. I'm not sure I will replace them after reading about yours. Thank you for the lovely tour!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. Your back yard is just fabulous and you are so lucky to be able to have breakfast outside in March! Trust me, that doesn't happen in Michigan! And it's such a pretty spot. I love the pillows. And your fence. Smart move there. Just an enchantment for me this brisk morning!

  5. Everything is so pretty! I love the touches of blue that you are adding. That little birdy pillow might have to find its way to my house too. :)

  6. Eilis, we've been an open door here as well, and we love having house guests. Yes, spring in TX beckons us outdoors, doesn't it. I find we spend all our time either working in the garden, dining on the terrace, or relaxing on the screened in porch. Life is good!
    Enjoy your spring in that beautiful outdoor space and pool. Happy Spring!

  7. Eilis,
    Love that bird pillow! Yes, live dangerously and put it outside. Your new blue chaise lounge cushions look so Spring-y and cool. When the temps hit 100+, those cushions will help give the illusion of cool. Could you send your son over to my yard? :) I need a helper. :) I planted some white alyssum as a border on my new walkway out back, and it should be full of blooms in time for book club mid-April.

    P.S. Are the bluebonnets just spectacular near you? I saw huge patches all along Spur 408 between I-20 and I-30 today.


  8. Eilis, well, I'm jealous because our yard is a mess. We haven't done anything yet to get it ready for planting. Fortunately, the pansies and tulips still look good. And my peony has lots of foliage and 10 blossoms. Your backyard is just lovely and I can imagine relaxing on the chaise lounges with a glass of iced tea and a good book. That's for the inspiration.

  9. Squirrels can be damaging to outdoor cushions. I take mine inside every time I go out of town. They know when I am home. I knock on the window and they run.
    I love all your large rock. I need some and believe it or not they are hard to find in south Alabama.
    I have iron in my windows like your front door. I need to talk to you about that. Mine probably need sandblasting and painting and it is so hard to get good workers.

  10. There is just NO way that you could have left that pretty bird pillow at the store! We had warm temps here in SC for quite a long while but then we had a cold snap that damaged all the new growth on everything! UGH! They say Knock-Out roses are disease resistant but I've had some that have succumbed to a virus as well.

  11. What beautiful outdoor spaces you have! I just all the stone!
    Your new bird pillow is cute and cheery looking. You may want to bring it in at night though. I tried some outdoor pillows on my covered patio and the got mold/mildew. I tried all the different remedies online on the covers, but it wouldn't come out.
    Your new verbena is so pretty. It is going to be gorgeous this summer!

  12. Eilis, your outdoor space is beautiful! I'm sure you spend quite a bit of time outside in such a lovely setting! I adore the bird pillow! So cute! I need to stop by our Pier 1 and see what they have. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  13. Isn't it wonderful to be outdoors in the garden these days!

    Your garden is such a welcoming spot and I'm not surprised that guests came for long stays.

  14. what a lovely space! i will live vicariously thru you, as we in PA are still cold and a far cry from enjoying spring living.


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