Thursday, March 30, 2017

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

When I was growing up, my parents always said those words if one of one of us kids complained that someone had copied something of ours.  I'm not talking school work here.  I'm talking someone bought the same dome umbrella with daisies all over it,
or Charlie Brown sweatshirt,
or Scooby Doo lunch Box.

I hope that Carol from Art and Sand will see this little blue stool as a sincere compliment.
I am crazy about everything she shows of her home on her blog and Instagram.
Recently, I became a little obsessed with a blue stool she styled with vintage linens and a white pitcher.

Happily, it reminded me that I had a really neglected stool waiting in the garage for a miracle makeover.
I acquired it with my last kindergarten classroom.
It was covered in splatters of many different colors of paint.  A previous  teacher in that classroom had once been the art teacher.  I have a feeling she brought that stool from the art room.
It was too short for me to sit on while using the laptop on a cart with the classroom Smartboard.
Kindergarten teachers don't get to sit down much.  
Since I was required to teach a reading lesson on the Smartboard everyday, I figured I might as well be off my feet for those moments.
I bought a taller stool for the classroom and stuck the short one in our garage.

Fast forward a couple of years.
That school merged with another school into a brand new building.
I sometimes substitute there.  The building is modern and streamlined.  Every classroom has matching shiny new furniture.
There is no room for a vintage stool there.
This sweet little guy would probably have ended up in a dumpster if it hadn't been hiding in my garage.

And, I have been looking for cheap or free things to finish my daughter's new calm blue and white bedroom.  She has her night stand and dresser at in the house she rents for college.  She will be moving home soon for summer and then her student teaching semester.
I suddenly knew that I had to paint this little old stool the same beautiful blue.
Carol was kind enough to share with me that she had painted it with Annie Sloan Greek Blue.
She also shared that this had previously been her teaching stool and she had taken it home when she retired.

I may be looking to deeply into this,
but I think teaching stools work really hard for many years.
When they retire, they deserve to be painted ASCP Greek Blue.
They also deserve to be accessorized with vintage linens and white pitchers of flowers.
This meant that in addition to first painting the stool with Pure White (so I could sand it a little and have some white peek through),
I also had to go to one of my favorite treasure stores to find a tea towel.
If you need a vintage anything, and live near Dallas, be sure to try Curiosities.
Even if you don't find that particular item, you will have had a great time looking.
I just love how like things are grouped together there.

You can see that they had a few vintage linens for me to choose from.

In my daughter's bedroom, I also added an old blue and white quilt (that I already had) and those beautiful blue linen and lace pillowcases that I found in Target's Shabby collection.
I shared previously that I purchased the linen dust ruffle at an Etsy Shop.
I'm kind of falling in love with this bedroom.
My daughter may have to kick me out of it by the time she moves home.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. This bedroom is getting prettier and prettier. I can definitely understand why you would imitate something Carol has done. That girl has talent but then again so do you!

  2. It's always nice to have a back up bedroom to retreat to in case you or the husband gets the flu! I have a feeling her room will become that once she moves on. It's so pretty -- light and airy and happy. And I love the stool. Love it to pieces. And the towel is so pretty. I would LOVE that shop. Love it! And the quilt -- I collect vintage quilts. The colors here are marvelous. I'm getting itchy for it to warm up a bit more so I can get in the garage and paint up a few things. You've only motivated me more!

    1. It will be nice to have this room for guests or recovery. Her old one was a little overwhelming with lime green walls... You will just have to come back to Dallas for another visit so I can show you around that cute shop!

  3. Your little blue stool looks beautiful in your daughter's pretty room. You have styled it beautifully!

  4. Eilis, The blue stool is certainly Carol's style at Art & Sand. Love the color and the bedroom. Calm it is for sure. Have a great day! Sylvia D.

  5. looks great specially that blue stool looking stunning.
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