Saturday, April 29, 2017

Flower Centerpieces

Yesterday, we hosted my husband's office's annual Post Busy (Tax) Season party at our house.
Lots of food and fun was had.  Unfortunately, I was so busy that I never took pictures.

Today our home is much calmer and quieter.  I am enjoying the flower centerpieces that are about the only visible sign that it all happened yesterday.

This jar of flowers is bringing color into the sun room.

These hydrangeas are cheering up the kitchen table.

These potted marigolds are happy on the patio.

Bargain of the week, they were five bucks a piece at Walmart.  They made great centerpieces for the outside tables, and now we can continue to enjoy them.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to come back tomorrow night for Monday Social!



  1. Those hydrangeas would cheer up any kitchen. :)

  2. I always love cut flowers but those marigolds had to be the most cheerful things on your table! Just the right size and of course useful planted in the yard or on the patio. I try to do that when I can, especially in spring with bulb gardens, but this is very nice! I'll remember that one.

  3. I relate to forgetting to make pictures too. Your flowers after the party are pretty. I know your husband appreciates you hosting the party. It's a lot of work.


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