Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Shopping Spree for the Kitchen Under $10

I am delighted to be joining the fun at Ten on the 10th today.  
Bargain hunting is one of my favorite activities. Unfortunately, cooking really isn't.  But recently, I have come across some affordable items that make time in the kitchen a little more enjoyable.  
What if you could scoop and measure dry ingredients for a recipe in one step? 

How much fun is this Measuring Spoon & Cup Set?   I'd say, definitely more than $1.64 worth! The pieces even clip together for storage.  This set would be great for a first apartment kitchen. It's measuring cups, measuring spoons, and scoops, all wrapped up in one.

Bonus:  The measuring spoon handles are harder to lose in a drawer than typical measuring spoons.

This paring knife with matching plastic cover cost a whopping 94 cents.  There are lots of fun colors to choose from.  Nice sharp new knives make cutting so much easier and the cover makes a drawer so much safer.

I'm hooked on these little 8.5 x 11 inch cutting boards.  They cost 88 cents a piece and fit in the dishwasher very easily! At this price, everyone standing around the kitchen could be put to use chopping different vegetables on individual boards.

This flat Pot Strainer is another dishwasher friendly gadget to simplify meal prep.  It takes up very little space and can be yours for 97 cents!

Is your mind just racing with ideas for a kitchen gift basket?  Mine is.

But wait...
There's more!
This Mini Measuring Cup is perfect when doubling a recipe that calls for a tablespoon of a liquid. The price for this little gem is $1.66.  The label says it is BPA free and dishwasher safe.
It also measures up to 2 ounces and 60 ml.  The numbers are written inside and outside of it. Genius.

One of these would also be adorable for a child's play kitchen.

And last but not least,
this Can Colander is another $1.88 treasure.  Those pineapple tidbits have met their match.
If you haven't guessed, all these items were found in the housewares department at Walmart. No, they didn't compensate me for this post.  But I still love them.
Let's recap:
Measuring Scoops   $1.64
Paring knife                 .94
Cutting board               .88
Pot Strainer                  .94
Mini Measuring Cup   1.88
Can Colander             1.88
Total                          $8.16
That's a pretty major kitchen upgrade for a little over eight bucks.
Now I'm tempted to go back for the Silicone Spatula Set... two heat-resistant silicone heads (up to 450 F) for $1.97.  I might get so excited that I actually bake a cake.  
What is your favorite kitchen gadget bargain?
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  1. Wow! You did a great job at bargain hunting. I need to shop with you! I love all of the bright colors for the kitchen. They are so happy that they might make me want to cook a little more.... maybe! Thanks for sharing. I definitely need a few of those.

  2. I do think putting these in a gift basket is a great idea and I know someone who would need these things. Thank you for the great idea!

    You know, I never roam around Walmart because it's just so big but recently I did and was shocked. I bought some gorgeous hand towels in there for a nice price. I bought one first to see how it would wash and then went back for more. They are so pretty and the colors/patterns are very current.

  3. I'm always amazed by the inexpensive things I can find at Walmart. They built a store 2 minutes from me and I am there several times a week. I'm so happy you are joining us for Ten on the 10th!

  4. Eilis, it's amazing what great stuff you can find at Walmart and the dollar store. And so cute, besides being practical. Thanks for taking us on your kitchen shopping spree.

  5. What a great idea!
    There is nothing better than finding cute, useful kitchen items for a great price.
    Since we moved I can't find mine!!
    I am off to WalMart:)

  6. Eilis,
    You are too funny.... "I might get so excited that I actually bake a cake." My mother loved shopping at Walmart, and I would take her there every time I visited her. Of course, I bought some things, too.


  7. I love the bright colors--it makes all the work seem fun...well sort of!


  8. Oh Eilis -- I love this. Some of these I have -- little cutting boards and a colorful paring knife but where did you get the strainer? I've been trying to find one like that for the longest time!

  9. What's the dcpi for can colander at Walmart?
    I cannot find it anywhere at Walmart for 1.88


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