Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Make a Wooden Tic Tac Toe Set for Ten Dollars

Welcome to Ten on the 10th for October. 
I've been admiring wooden tic tac toe sets for a while now.  Mostly, I have been thinking that they are a bit pricey and I would like to make a set instead of spending a lot on one.

The darling one below was found at Bits of Vintage.

In the past, The Dollar Tree sold wooden shadow boxes that would be just perfect for this project. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be carrying them (now that I want one...)  

But there is always a way.  In this case, that way was to buy these wooden snowflakes in the holiday crafts department at Hobby Lobby.

The wooden box that they came in was perfect for this project.

The box sells for 4.99 but with 40% off, came to 2.99.  Now I just have to find something to do with the cute little wooden snowflakes.

Here's the label on the back of the package.

These 1 1/2 inch wooden cubes fit nicely in the box.  They come six to a package for $3.99.

Again, with a 40 percent coupon or the right sale, they cost around $2.40. Since nine blocks are required, I purchased two packages.  This project would be more cost efficient if you made two sets. Then, three packages would yield 18 cubes, or two sets of nine.

I found these Adhesive Stencils irresistible.  They were just the right size and worked really well.  I blew another three bucks on these, but I plan to use them many times.

I painted the cubes and the holder with white chalk paint that I had on hand. Once they dried, I used Greek Blue ASCP for the letters.  The important part was to put one X and one O on each block.

Then I went to town with the sandpaper.  I wanted the blocks to look worn and used, so I really attacked the edges and corners.

This simple project would be perfect to work on with kids.  They could be involved in making a gift for a grandparent.
I spent around three dollars for the frame, 4.80 for 12 wooden cubes, and three dollars for the stencils.  The paint and sandpaper were already on hand.  
The total spent on this project was $10.80.
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  1. Absolutely adorable. I love your creative solution for the box...I also love those snowflakes. Those are fun little leftovers. A Hobby Lobby just opened near me, might have to go check it out! Thanks for the fun idea.

  2. Aren't you smart!! This came out so cute. You are a great problem solver and yes this would be a great gift. Now I know you will do something amazing with those snowflakes too. :)

  3. Ellis,
    This is such a cute idea! I need to make a set of these for when my littles come over! Thanks for sharing!

  4. How clever plus I just added adhesive stencils to my errand list for today! Your blog looks lovely:)

  5. Ellis, what a clever work around on a pricey decor item. They are too cute! Great job.

  6. Trust me -- if you can think of such a cute creative idea as your tic tac toe set, you will most certainly get something fabulous for the wooden snowflakes! I love the idea and the smart thinking in your shopping for supplies!

  7. I love this project, cute and practical at the same time. I love how you painted the X's and O's.the snowflakes can be used for your Christmas Ten on the 10th project.

  8. What fun! I haven't played tic tac toe in ages. I may make one and play! I bet the kitties would enjoy that. Ha!

  9. Eilis,
    How many of each kind of snowflake came in the box? If you had 9 of the same kind, you could make a tic-tac-toe game with different snowflakes instead of X and O. Or you could paint the snowflakes 2 different colors. Glue them on the blocks instead of stenciling X and O. Wouldn't those be cute Christmas presents for winter games?


  10. Super cute! I love how they turned out in the end.

  11. This is such a cute and clever project! It would look so nice sitting atop a stack of books on a coffee table.


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