Saturday, March 10, 2018

Decor Finds on a Ten Dollar Budget

Welcome to Ten on the 10th!
Today we are all sharing home decor.

I love to include natural elements in decorating. Here are a few for around ten dollars.

My first find is a succulent dish garden for $6.48.  Yes, the plants are real!

Where did I find this little treasure?

It was in the gardening department at Lowe's, outside near the cash registers.
The rocks are glued in, so no mess either.
This little cutie is perfect to top a stack of books on a table.

Next up....
This wood board from IKEA is intended to cut/serve food. It's priced at $7.99.
What a great base for candles or succulents.
Or both.

My third idea will give any bathroom a spa feeling.

The wooden box was $5.99 at IKEA.

Just drop in this fern from Lowe's.

And you get this.

(I know... together they were 97 cents over ten dollars.  Oops.)

Here's a cute centerpiece for the bistro table in my sun room that would also work for party table decorations.

The Kalanchoe plant was $4.99 at IKEA.
The pot and dish were under $4 together at Lowe's

And my last beautiful bargain was this tiny orchid in a white pot.
I bought it for $9.99 at Lowe's and then saw one for a little less at IKEA.
It's sitting on a stack of silver coasters on top of books just as happy as a little flower can be.

I hope you found some easy and affordable inspiration here today.

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  1. Eilis,
    Don't you just love IKEA? All of your ideas were just beautiful. I feel a trip to IKEA coming on!

  2. Oh, how I wish there was an Ikea near me! When I go to Cape Cod I always stop along the way and fill up a few bags with treasures!! You found some great deals, I especially like the fern in the wooden box!

  3. I need to shop IKEA online because I become extremely overwhelmed when I visit their stores. You have some really great ideas. I had no idea they had so many thrifty items.

  4. IKEA really is the perfect place to get cute, trendy home decor items. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bringing nature indoors is always a great way to decorate. And Ikea can make it all so affordable that you can do it in every room of your house. Those wood pieces are really gorgeous!

  6. I love the plants and the texture that comes from a wood cutting board. Great ideas!!

  7. I need to go to Ikea! I love your wooden elements and plants! These are all great ideas and picture perfect Spring goodness!

  8. Oh...and Ikea shopping spree. How fun! So much for so little and I love what you have done with all of your bargain items!

  9. These ten on the tenth posts are some of my very favorites! Love IKEA -- my heart place, and it's a good thing I have to drive over an hour to get there. And Lowes never disappoints. All beautiful and so springy!

  10. I had one of those small orchids last year and it bloomed for a long time! Love all of your IKEA finds. We live about 1 1/2 hours from one but try to go once or twice a year.

  11. Beautiful flowers. Happy Easter.

  12. Wisdom grows with youth not with age ... It grows with experience and a KEEN curiosity for life and a plant ... BRAVO ... If I was your teacher A for effort and F for fabulous !!!!

  13. Eilis, All your ideas are so creative and all are really cute. Isn't IKEA the best!


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