Tuesday, March 6, 2018

You are Welcome Here

I've been crazy busy with lots of things lately.  Most of my nest feathering has been at the assisted living apartment that we have moved my mother-in-law into.  There's a post coming on that, but like many things in my life right now, it's not quite finished.  The good news is that she is settling in to her new home.

This morning I spent some time bringing our home into March.  The magnolia wreath is from Michael's. 

I hung up this hand painted Holy Spirit sign that I ordered from an Etsy shop called Brush and Twine.    It has the words from Francesca Battiselli's inpiring song.  

I am including some links in this post, but have no affiliation with the artists.

It was difficult to put away a similar sign that I had hung on this wall at Christmas.  Happily, I found a piece that can remain here for the rest of the year.

I purchased these comfy, hand-knitted pillows from Jennifer Helene Home, also on Etsy.  The two pillows in the same size, knitted with the same yarn, but in two different stitches, add interest on the pair of recliners.  

The recliners were ordered from Weir's, a Dallas furniture store, months ago.  My family was a little surprised by their modern lines on the day that they were delivered. Now that we have all adjusted to the change from the more traditional chairs they replaced,  I'm pretty happy with my choice.  They are substantial and comfortable for my tall husband, yet don't scream recliner.  I chose this fabric because it looked good next to our brown leather sofa as well as grays, and won't show dirt.  We really live in this room and these chairs have quickly become everyone's favorite place to sit.

The old chairs (that had been purchased for a smaller room in our last home) found a perfect spot in my daughter's apartment. Everyone's happy.

Thanks so much for visiting today.  Be sure to come back on March 10th for Ten on the 10th.
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  1. Hello Eilis. The chairs look very comfortable. A good choice. What a lovely room.

  2. I never realized how large your living room is! Love the chairs, and those pillows are so cozy looking.

    I wish your mother all the best. It's hard work to settle our loved ones, we want it perfect. I understand. :)


  3. I love this room and I also really like the style of the recliners. I don't like recliners that look like one when they are closed and these are terrific! Good find.

    I just realized that Easter is only three weeks away so I have been bringing spring in, even though this morning I woke to two inches of snow and it has been coming down all morning too. Well, spring IS sorely needed!

  4. Your new chairs look beautiful in your room, and all of your spring touches are perfect. The magnolia wreath looks so pretty! Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

  5. Eilis, I understand where you are in life right now. Have been there.
    Love your new sign of the great song. I got chill bumps! How fitting for Easter and all year!
    Great looking chairs. Our recliners are on their last legs and dread replacing them.
    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Your sign is beautiful. I also noticed the Statue on your bookshelf, of the Sacred
    Heart of Jesus. My Mother, and my Grandmother had that same statue, and it just reminded me so much of both of them. Love your living room, large, but still so cozy looking.

  7. I just realized our fireplace hearth/mantle is so similar to yours. I can use yours as inspiration because I don't know what to do! We do have our tv above ours and that takes some of the decorating fun out of the picture.

    I hope things are going well with your MIL. Those transitions can be hard on everyone.

    See you soon. ;)

  8. Eilis,
    Your home is so inviting. Transitioning from a home to assisted living is a big adjustment. Your mother-in-law is fortunate to have a kind, caring daughter-in-law to help her.

    My mother was so afraid she would have to move from her home into assisted living, but fortunately for her, she was able to stay in it until she died.

  9. Lovely decor Eilis....I think I’d pick the cosy chair by the fireplace for a teatime chat with you ... then , I would love to sit and just admire all the beautiful touches that you have added to your livingroom.. Your prayer sign is indeed inspiring,of course I do love your candles and the addition of all the family pictures that add that special presence to a home... I had my mother with me for ten years, so I know the adjustments that are needed to allow for the elderly..I’m sure she will be happy.... The magnolia wreath adds a beautiful balance that just sings out loud ... You livingroom looking pretty darn amazing ...Thanks for your sweet visit to my blog.... Please do come again soon....Hugs

  10. Lovely room. I've been looking for a recliner -- never knew how hard it would be! I must see and sit before I buy -- too short for most! Ha!

  11. I love the chairs. We were looking at recliners too. They can be so ugly. These are amazing. I bet they are a favorite place to sit. I guess I've never seen that view of the eating area with the brick wall treatment. I love it!
    Thank for sharing at Keep In Touch. It was a treat to have you.


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