Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Flower Pot Candle

Welcome to the April edition of  Ten on the 10th.  Today, we are all sharing container garden projects.  As usual, the challenge is to share an idea that costs less than ten dollars.

I've intended to create a gorgeous Potted Candle Planter using a glass hurricane for some time now. One or ten of these would be so gorgeous for an evening backyard party.  I saw it on  the blog Family Chic. As clear and simple as the directions are, it just wasn't getting done at my house. 
So, I came up with this cheap and dirty version using a white candle in glass.  Pun intended. 

I spent just under ten dollars at Walmart to purchase the two flower pots, two 6-packs of flowers, and the white candle in glass.  I had potting soil and gravel on hand.

The smaller pot goes upside down inside the larger pot.  I could pretend I that I had carefully calculated and knew that the diameter of the top of the smaller pot was the same at the diameter of the bottom of the bigger pot,
but no,
it was just dumb luck.

Then, I placed the candle on top of the little pot.

Next came gravel, potting mix. and flowers.  I went with white Impatiens, but multi-color would be lovely as well.  The important thing is buying these little ones that fit in the small area of soil.

Easy peasy. I love a project that can be done in minutes!

Pretty for both day and night.

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  1. I love it. I'm making one of these. It will look so pretty all lit up.

  2. I actually like your version better! So pretty. I have some citronella candles that would be perfect for this project. You are so right, multiples of these would look fantastic in the backyard all lit up!

  3. I think I love this idea! I'm definitely going to do this on my patio. ;)

  4. I love this idea - and like Tammy said above, I would use citronella candles because the mosquitos are brutal in my area. How pretty a row of these would look on my walkway - a type of luminary, welcoming guests!!

  5. Oh, this will look fabulous all lit up on a summer night! I could see several of these peppered around my pool. Love it!

  6. I love this idea. I am making one of these or maybe a couple for my new outdoor covered deck.

  7. How clever to use a smaller pot for elevation! I love it. May you have a wonderful week of lovely weather!

  8. This is beautiful, Eilis. I love the elevated candle and the impatiens will fill out so beautifully. Plus, a large candle, so it will hold well for many a lovely evening to come!

  9. A great idea to remember. Pinning.

  10. Eilis,
    This is just so clever and pretty and the instructions are great too! I am so going to do this and put it on our front porch!

  11. Eilis, this is such a clever idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to make one for our terrace.

  12. Eilis this is so clever. And so so pretty to be able to combine two ideas into one. I am definitely going to try this for our patio.

  13. Eilis- this is wonderful.
    This would be perfect as a centerpiece at a wedding reception!
    I loved your pun:)


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