Monday, June 11, 2018

A Babbling Bird Bath and Other Summer Favorites

This my new little pride and joy.

The bird bath (without the fountain) was found at At Home (79.99).

Not wanting to breed mosquitos, I added a little solar water fountain.

It was purchased through Amazon for under fifteen dollars. 
This is an affiliate link.  If you use it to make a purchase, 
I will be compensated but your price will not be affected.

It works well in full sunlight.  Once the sun goes down (or disappears behind a tree), the fountain stops immediately.  (There is no battery or power cord.)  This is not a problem for my purposes.  It's kind of fun to look out the window and see if it is on or not at different times of day.

I tried each of the three different nozzles included with it.  They worked TOO well in my sunny front yard.  In a matter of moments all water had sprayed out of the bowl.

Leaving the water spout uncapped solved that problem, and I enjoy the way it babbles.

There are little suction cups on the bottom of the solar fountain, however I find it is easier to just let it float around in the water.  Have I seen a bird use it yet?  No.

But it adds some lovely movement to the flower bed on a hot afternoon.

I am also enjoying these African Daisies.  They take the heat and so far don't seem to attract rabbits. Those little boogers fellows are really munching most of my flowers this year.
I won't show you pictures of the floral carnage.  

Here are some of the successes. 
My new dwarf butterfly bushes are doing their job.

New and old Lantana plants are growing happily side by side.  I was impatient for the orange ones to come back after the winter freeze.  Funny enough, now they are much bigger than the pink ones I planted this spring.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I've decided this is my year to get a bird bath. I've waited too long. And I love the gurgling one here!

  2. I have a few bird baths. Keeping them near the feeders helps. But darn!!! I never head of this water fountain thing! Off to check it out. Also---those African daisies are gorgeous! Good luck with those cute little white tailed critters that eat all your goodies!

    Jane x

  3. Love your new babbling bird bath.


  4. The bird bath bubbler is perfect! I bet they are landing in it when you aren't looking. :)

    Your lantana is so pretty! We've planted tons of it this year in hopes that it will come back. We have dwarf butterfly bush that we planted last fall. The winter was so cold that it really suffered but it's slowly returning...still no blooms though. I hope we get lucky like you. ;)

  5. I love this idea! I have several fountains and from time to time the pumps have to be replaced--next time I'll try this idea. I have a bird bath that's really similar. ;)

  6. Ohhh love, love the bird bath!! I would love one in the front and back yards. And your Lantana! Wow. I plant it every year in pots in the front because it is so hot and sunny out there. But I wanted to ask, do you think if I planted it in the ground, it would come back? I live in NC and sometimes it is pretty cold but not for long periods of time. Do you think it would survive in the ground in my area and come back? Thank you.

    1. Hi Clearissa,
      I live in North Texas and Lantana both takes the summer heat and comes back after winter freeze for me. I cut it back to the ground each spring.


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