Saturday, November 10, 2018

Gift Giving Under Ten

Oh. My. Goodness.
It's Ten on the 10th of
It's so much better to put together thoughtful gifts now than to scramble for presents in the days before Christmas.  Shopping for gifts at the last minute is so stressful and often results in budget blowing purchases under time pressure.
Taking my own advice, I've started picking up some gifts while I'm out running errands.
Here are a couple of goodies I found recently:
DVD movies from the $5 display bin at Walmart:

This one actually has eight movies in one.  They are classics like Evan Almighty, Flipper, Beethoven's 5th, and Babe: Pig in the City.  I put it in a cute bag ($1) with a bag of microwave popcorn, a drink, and few leftover Halloween candies.
What kid wouldn't love to receive this bag of goodies?
There were also many other movies to select from for teens and adults.

I found this retro style tin recipe box with adorable card, tabs, etc. included in the scrapbook department at Hobby Lobby.  It was priced at 14.99, but 50% off.
The cards are 4 x 6 with lines on the back.
What a pretty way to pass on family favorites to a daughter. (I'd probably pick a different style of box and cards if doing this for a son!) There is just something special about a handwritten recipe of a family favorite.  
The recipe box would also be great for a bridal shower.  With a little planning, each guest could contribute a recipe.
I can't wait to see all the gift ideas my Ten on the 10th friends have come up with!
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  1. Both great ideas!! I really love the idea of the recipe box. With all the technology these days, I had wondered if my kids would like something like the recipe box with our family recipes. Then my son actually asked for it. :)

  2. I love the idea of a "movie night in a bag" - it would be such a cute gift for a child to bring to a sleepover! And I agree with you about the recipes - the "oldies but goodies" need to be written down and passed on. I have some from my older relatives and just seeing their handwriting brings me joy!

  3. You are so smart to shopping now. It seems like the closer to Christmas the selection gets pretty slim.

  4. Ah, recipe cards! They are my favorite. You're right, there's nothing like a meal made from one of those cards...and I know we all have a hundred pinned, but handing over a handwritten family recipe is so special. I know I treasure all of mine.

  5. Great idea for movie lovers and the recipe tin is a sweet way to keep those “heirloom” recipes.

  6. Great ideas. I did the recipe thing last year with my adult children. I wrote down their favorite recipe and slipped it in their stocking. It's a great and was free.

  7. Eilis,
    Great ideas for gifts under $10. I would love a romantic movie with popcorn, too.


  8. Eilis I think that retro box is adorable. I would love to have one of those as a gift.


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