How Big Do Boston Ferns Get?

Boston ferns are a species of evergreen fern that can grow up to three feet tall. The fronds of the plant are large and feathery, and the plant itself is relatively easy to care for. When kept indoors, Boston ferns will typically only grow to be about two feet tall.

Boston ferns are a popular houseplant because they’re easy to care for and add a touch of greenery to any room. But how big do Boston ferns get? The answer depends on the variety of Boston fern you have.

Some varieties can grow quite large, while others stay relatively small. For example, the ‘Nephrolepis exaltata’ can grow up to 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide, while the ‘Nephrolepis bostoniensis’ only reaches about 2 feet in height and width. So, if you’re looking for a Boston fern that will stay small, be sure to choose one of the smaller varieties.

But if you don’t mind your fern getting big, then go ahead and pick one of the larger types!


Stop Killing Your Boston Ferns! Full Care Guide

Do Boston Ferns Grow Quickly?

No, Boston ferns do not grow quickly. They are a slow-growing plant, which is why they are often used as houseplants. If you want a fern that will grow quickly, you should look for another variety.

How Big Do Boston Ferns Get Indoors?

One of the most popular houseplants, Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) are known for their beautiful, lush foliage. But how big do these tropical plants get indoors? Boston ferns can grow quite large indoors, reaching up to 3 feet in height and width.

However, they typically only reach about 1-2 feet in height and width when grown indoors. If you want your Boston fern to reach its full potential size, give it plenty of space to grow and be sure to provide adequate humidity.

How Long Do Boston Ferns Live?

Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) are a tropical plant that is commonly grown as a houseplant. They can live for many years with proper care. The average lifespan of a Boston fern is 10-15 years, but some plants have been known to live for 20 years or more.

With good care, your Boston fern can be a long-lived and beautiful addition to your home.

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Are Boston Ferns Hard to Care For?

Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) are a species of fern that is native to tropical and subtropical regions. They are popular houseplants and are known for their ability to thrive in shady, humid conditions. While Boston ferns can be finicky about their environment, they are generally not difficult to care for.

With proper care, these plants can live for many years. Here are some tips for caring for your Boston fern: Light: Boston ferns prefer indirect sunlight or filtered light.

They will tolerate low light levels, but may become leggy if they do not receive enough light. If your plant is looking pale or has yellow leaves, it may be getting too much sun. Water: Keeping your fern evenly moist is key to its health.

Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings, but never let it become completely dry. These plants like high humidity, so misting them with water on a regular basis will help keep them happy. You can also set the pot on a tray of pebbles and water to create a more humid environment around the plant.

Temperature: Boston ferns prefer temperatures between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit (15-24 degrees Celsius). They cannot tolerate cold drafts or extreme heat, so make sure they are kept in a consistent environment. If possible, avoid placing them near heating or cooling vents where temperature fluctuations can occur.

Fertilizer: Feed your fern monthly during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer diluted by half. Be sure to stop fertilizing in late summer or early fall so that the plant can begin its dormancy period. During this time, allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

How Big Do Boston Ferns Get?


Boston Fern Growth Rate

Boston ferns are one of the most popular houseplants, and for good reason! They’re relatively easy to care for, they look great, and they help purify the air. But one thing you might be wondering about is their growth rate.

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Generally speaking, Boston ferns grow pretty quickly. In optimal conditions (plenty of moisture and indirect light), they can put out new fronds at a rate of about 2-3 per month. That means that over the course of a year, your Boston fern could easily double in size!

Of course, every plant is different, so your mileage may vary. Some Boston ferns may grow more slowly or more quickly depending on their environment and overall health. But if you’re looking for a fast-growing plant that will fill out your space quickly, a Boston fern is a great choice.


Boston Ferns are a type of fern that can grow to be quite large. They are native to the tropical regions of the Americas and prefer to grow in moist, humid environments. Boston Ferns can reach up to two feet in height and have long, slender leaves that are light green in color.

These ferns make great houseplants and can thrive indoors if given the proper care.